The role of pool filtration

The role of pool filtration


A swimming pool cannot have healthy water without filtration. For comparison, the filtration of a swimming pool is what the human heart is. The filtration of a swimming pool is a mechanical treatment which aims to eliminate impurities from the water by passing them through a filter.

The role of pool filtration

To choose a swimming pool filtration, it is necessary to know the volume of water in the pool. Undersized filtration will not give the expected results.

The different types of pool filtration

When you install or have installed an in-ground or semi-in-ground swimming pool, it will be essential for you to provide the filtration circuit by means of a pipe going from the pool to the technical room containing all the equipment necessary for filtration. and vice versa.

Piping filtration must be properly studied to avoid pressure drops and allow optimal filtration. The risks with pipe filtration are leaks and freezing.

Filtration unit:

A filtration unit is an assembly comprising a pump, a filter body, suction and discharge pipes allowing the circulation of water through the filter medium (generally a filter bag or a cartridge) to retain suspended solids.

The main advantages of filtration units are:

Certain brands and manufacturers do not fail to innovate with ever more practical and economical filtration concepts. The latest addition to the Desjoyaux range (which held the 1st patent for the one-piece, pipeless filtration system in 1983) fits into your range and benefits from an impeccable design.

The different filter media

Sand filters  : This is the most common filtration system for pools with pipes. Sand filters are easy to use, simple to maintain and have ideal performance provided you choose them well.

The water sucked in by the pump passes through a tank filled with sand which will filter and retain the impurities. A pressure gauge will tell you when your sand filter needs cleaning simply by washing and rinsing the sand from your filter according to the instructions in the user manual.

Cartridge filters  : This type of filter is often associated with small above-ground pools.

Made of paper or synthetic, the cartridge retains finer particles than sand filtration but should be avoided for water that is too calcareous. Cartridge filters should be washed with water and a brush approximately once a week.

The filtration units can also integrate filter cartridges with a great autonomy such as JD MASTER FILT from Piscines Desjoyaux.

Diatom filters  : It is a combination of sand filter and cartridge filter. Diatoms are very porous and very fine algae residues that only let water through. The diatomaceous earth filter is the most effective of the three filters mentioned, but the quality of your water and its cost (purchase, maintenance) can quickly become an obstacle to its use.

Active membranes or filter pockets  : woven fiber filter medium that retains the impurities sucked up by the skimmer. There are several finenesses of filtration which make it possible to adapt to the pool and its environment (indoor pools, outdoor pools, green water catch-up, restarting, etc.). Thus, Piscines Desjoyaux offers 3 different finenesses (30 microns, 15 microns and 6 microns). The filter bag is economical, easy to use and clean (a simple jet of water or washing in the washing machine – without detergent – at 30°C – will make it look like new).

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