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How to Choose the Best Cabinet Painter


Did you know the price of kitchen cabinets take about 35% of kitchen renovation budget? The cost of kitchen cabinets range between $2,000 and $25,000 depending on a few factors. Because of that, you would want to ensure you choose the best cabinet painter for the job.

Why Hire a Professional Cabinet Painter?

Cabinets in a kitchen have two main purposes. First is functionality. Mostly, we fill our kitchen cabinets with flatware, food, pans, and even cooking utensils. Apart from functionality, our kitchen cabinets add aesthetics. But as styles change, cabinets become more of an eyesore. Therefore, if you still love your kitchen’s layout and are looking to update it, here are reasons to hire one of the best cabinet painters:

  • Detailed preparation
  • Color advice
  • No room for errors
  • Convenience and time savings
  • Technical skills

Tips to Hire a Good Cabinet Painter

Cabinet painting is one of the tedious projects often left for experts to handle. However, not every cabinet painter is created the same. This is why we’ve gathered the following tips to help you choose the best:

1. Consider the Expertise and Skill Level

Professional painters have expertise and experience in painting cabinets and use the right finishes, materials, and techniques to give good results. They also have specialized equipment and tools, which guarantees a flawless finish.

2.  Look at the Samples

A cabinet painter might not have a physical showroom, but they can bring samples to you. Looking at a painter’s previous projects can tell you a lot about their capabilities and whether they can meet your needs and goals.

3.  Inquire about Insurance

Before letting anyone to your home, you have to ensure they have a valid insurance policy put in place. Many contractors have liability coverage. With this, if something gets damaged as they work, the insurance will cover the repair costs. Apart from liability coverage, it will be best for a painter to have worker’s comp insurance, especially if they work with a team. If one employee gets injured, the insurance will cover the medical treatments for those injuries.

4.  Ask for Customer References

To have peace of mind when hiring a cabinet painter, ask whether the expert has customer referrals so you can contact them to know about their experience. It is a red flag if a painter doesn’t want you to be in contact with their previous clients. But if the painter is proud with what they do, they will be ready to show off their sample pictures and give you customer references.

5.  Check Specializations

Because not every cabinet painter is created the same, it is important to understand their specialization areas. Some of the key areas a good cabinet painter may focus on is cleaning, assembly, and cabinet customization. They can also have skills in repainting and refinishing existing cabinets.

The bottom line is that painting cabinets of your kitchen is the best way to update the entire space without spending a lot. Through tips, like asking for customer references, inquiring about insurance, checking specializations, looking at the samples, and considering the expertise/skill level, you can choose a professional cabinet painter you can depend on all the time.

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