Tips for a Peaceful Home

6 Best Vastu Shastra Tips for a Peaceful Home


Being an old form of practice, VastuShastra helps in bringing peace and prosperity to a household. Before beginning to start your dream project of building a house, certain rules and regulations should be followed to make the house a peaceful place. VastuShastra is basically about indulging in a proper way of arranging the different commodities of the houses which will enable an easy flow of positive energy.

When we enter certain houses, we feel a strong sense of positive energy and this makes us feel good about the place and the people residing there. In the same way, to make your house abundant with positive energy, one must follow certain Vastu Shastra tips in order to bring happiness, wealth, peace and harmony to their family.

The list below will contain Vastu Shastra tips that will help you and your family to welcome happiness and peace into your new house.

  • Decorating the entrance area: The entrance area should be kept clean and tidy as this is the main place from where all the energy flows in. An idol of Lord Ganesh should be placed on the entrance wall of the house and this will protect the house from evil eyes. This is an important VastuShastra tip.
  • Knowing the right location of the puja room: The puja room is the place where we place the idols of God to seek their blessings. And this room should be placed in a particular North-East direction to welcome a lot of prosperity in one’s home. By being aware of this tip, we can avoid mistakes and become more careful about the various dangers that come with not following proper VastuShastra tips.
  • Proper placement of mirrors: The mirrors are placed in a house to give it a decorative look, but this will also enable an efficient flow of positive energy in the house. But before placing mirrors, one should consult VastuShastra experts who will provide information regarding the directions where the mirrors should be placed. Many people aren’t aware of this fact and end up using mirrors for decorative purposes only.
  • Correct placement of beds and wardrobes: One crucial VastuShastra tip is the proper placement of beds and wardrobes. The South-Western direction is the most preferable direction when it comes to the placement of beds and wardrobes. This will make sure that all the family members are at peace and there is no negative energy flowing into the house.
  • Removing broken objects: Broken glass decorative objects or crockery sets should be discarded immediately from the house as these broken objects attract a lot of negative energy and make the house imbalanced. Many people are not aware of the fact that it is better to not reuse some broken objects as they can turn out to be dangerous for the house.
  • Having enough ventilation for healthy living: There should be adequate ventilation in the house which will enable the flow of air freely and will ensure that the people in the house are in good health. There must be sufficient cross ventilation in the household to keep the family members away from health hazards. 


Enjoy the privileges of leading a peaceful life with a house full of positive energy. But, to be able to enjoy a happier and healthier life, these VastuShastra tips should be followed. The objects, walls and idols play a major role in uplifting your way of life and should be placed in their proper place which signifies the fact that adequate knowledge of VastuShastra is of utmost importance.

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