Designing a small bathroom

Designing a small bathroom: 8 tips to know


Furnishing a small room requires a lot of thought, but furnishing a small bathroom is downright a real headache: between the shower, the sink and sometimes the toilet, we don’t always know how to organize everything. To avoid brushing your teeth with one foot on the bowl and the other in the bathtub, it is essential to optimize the space in your bathroom.

1. Choose the right colors to enlarge a small bathroom

The important thing when you have few square meters is to know how to use tricks. In a small bathroom, to avoid feeling cramped (and since you can’t push the walls) we will try to create the illusion, to give the impression that the room is larger. For that, it is enough to adopt the good colors . Because they reflect light, light colors are ideal in small spaces. If you are looking to enlarge your pond, you therefore opt for white tiles or beige paint, for example.

To make your small bathroom look bigger, free up floor space. For example, prefer a suspended vanity unit rather than a washbasin. In addition to giving an impression of space, you will make cleaning easier.

2. Choose a shower rather than a bathtub for the water feature

Even if there are space-saving bathtubs, the shower remains the best solution to optimize space in a small bathroom. We avoid casement shower enclosures and opt for a sliding door or a simple curtain. For a very trendy small room, you can install a walk-in shower. The lack of demarcation between the shower and the floor makes it possible to visually expand the space and take advantage of every square meter.

With its small walk-in shower and clever storage, this mini bathroom has everything a big one has to offer!

The mirror is the essential accessory in the bathroom. When you are not lucky enough to have a large room, you put on a large mirror . It reflects light and expands space.

3. In small bathrooms, favor high storage

The worst enemy of small bathrooms is the mess. So that everything is tidy in its place, we adopt the bathroom column . Its main advantage? His height ! Neither too wide nor too deep, it allows you to store bathroom linen and beauty products without taking up too much floor space. Convenient !

This small bathroom is full of storage thanks to the wooden column and the many elements directly hung on the wall.

4. Prefer sliding doors

In small bathrooms, every square meter is precious. We therefore avoid wasting space by choosing a sliding door. The same type of door is also adopted for the shower.

5. Little space? Furnish it with shallow furniture

When furnishing a small room, remember to measure everything well to avoid cluttering the space. In a small bathroom, the most suitable furniture is that of shallow depth.

8. Optimize every space with corner furniture

Arrange storage while freeing up space? It’s possible ! With a corner cabinet for the washbasin and a corner shelf suspended above, space is freed up for more fluid circulation in the room.

6. Increase the storage surface tenfold with suction cups

In small bathrooms, a single watchword: tidy up. As we cannot multiply the pieces of furniture, we think of occupying the space on the wall. The good idea to avoid having to drill your tiles or make holes in the wall (not recommended when you are a tenant) is the suction cup accessories. We can thus install hooks with suction cups to hang towels, shelves to store soaps and shampoos and even bins to store all our beauty products.

With this small mirror and this soap dish with suction cups, you avoid drilling the walls and free up space.

7. Prefer multifunctional furniture in small bathrooms

To save space in a small piece of water, we equip ourselves with multifunctional furniture. The mirror is essential for you? Choose it with shelves or opt for a piece of furniture that integrates it directly. For a bathroom at the top of the organization, two-in-one columns are preferred, which have, for example, a space specially reserved for dirty laundry. You can also install a towel dryer to hang your towels while warming the room.

8. Arrange the space above the WC

The perfect space-saving tip for small bathrooms where the toilets are not separated is the storage space specially designed to slide just above the toilets. It makes it easy to store toilet paper and cleaning products and frees up cupboards.

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