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A small bathroom that has everything of a big one


To fit in less than 4 m2 everything you need to make the passage to the shower pleasant is not an easy task. The development of a small bathroom requires good logistics. Although the square meters are limited, the room must remain functional and cozy. And yes, even in a bathroom we aspire to relaxation. Also, fitting out a small “well-being” bathroom requires that we ask ourselves several questions: what equipment and what type of furniture are the most suitable? How can I render a sense of space? Here are some tips for planning your bathroom in the best possible way. Read more

A small bathroom that has everything of a big one

How to make a small bathroom bigger?

The bathroom is small? No worries, there are many solutions to enlarge it and create a feeling of space, real or visual. The choice of coverings takes on its full meaning: it is better to opt for light walls, XXL tiles or panoramic wallpaper. Clever fittings also make it possible to bring more functionality to a small bathroom: two-in-one furniture, compact storage or the use of high walls to save space. Through our selection, discover 15 ways to give space to the bathroom, without pushing the walls.

Build a small bathroom under the slope at a lower cost

Designing a small bathroom under the roof with a limited budget is possible! The attic space is certainly a major constraint, but it should not affect the comfort of the water feature. There are many possibilities to optimize square meters without sacrificing your wallet. When you are lucky enough to be a handyman, making your own custom storage – shelves are enough – under the attic is a great idea at a lower cost. For those who are less familiar with the art of small jobs, simple planning and decorating tips can be used to arrange the bathroom with an attic: well-placed mirrors increase the perspectives in the space tenfold, or even small furniture saves space in a volume constrained by a low ceiling height. Good ideas and many more to discover without delay.

Small bathroom storage: all our tips to optimize it

In a quest to save space, the storage of the small bathroom is carefully thought out! Column, vanity unit, shelf or coat hook are optimized to offer maximum space without occupying a large volume. Often cramped, the small bathroom offers many tips for storing everything efficiently. Take advantage of every nook and cranny or use smart storage accessories, the tracks adapt to everyone’s needs. With a panel of beauty products or in a minimalist version with the essentials, it remains to take stock of the space needed according to the content to be organised. Browse 15 tips for tidying up a small bathroom with style and practicality!

How to make a bathroom warm?

With the air of a living room, the bathroom is as warm as you can wish for delicious moments. In search of well-being at home, it becomes the right place to have fun, take care of yourself. The layout is then thought of as a place to live with cozy materials and the desire to make the most of the room. The layout is designed with a certain reflection on circulation, the decoration is made to imagine a warm and cozy space. Discover 15 inspirations to draw ideas and create a bathroom where you feel good and which invites you to stay, to take your time.

If you have a small surface in your bathroom, you are probably wondering what is the best plan to arrange it. Are you drying off? Here are 28 small bathroom plans, from 1.4 m2 to 5 m2, which optimize the space to the maximum! These free plans allow you to optimize this essential little space in the house by installing a shower and sink. And for the luckiest of you, a bath and a toilet. These bathroom and shower room plans were designed by Nicolas Sallavuard, architect in Paris and author of the Studio d’archi blog.

Create a shower area in a bedroom: 10 key tips

Most often in a master bedroom, installing a shower corner offers comfort that is appreciated on a daily basis for washing. Even limited in size, this bathroom is a bonus layout. In a minimum space of 3 m2, it can contain a shower and a basin with different configurations envisaged. In this type of project, the water systems determine the feasibility of the bathroom and the importance of the work. Another key criterion in construction, ventilation with good humidity evacuation is essential for a healthy room. Go through all the points to watch out for before creating a shower area in the bedroom.

More than 40 beautiful bathrooms that optimize space

Discover photos of bathrooms that have overcome small spaces! Sliding doors, made-to-measure furniture, walk-in showers, ingenious storage, clever bathroom decor, light colors. From a small bathroom that fits under the eaves to a washbasin cabinet that follows the quirky contours of the room, through a partition system to delimit the WC space in a bathroom, not to mention a decoration chic and bright bathroom. Its optimization will no longer hold any secrets for you. Useful if you want to renovate it or simply create it.

A small bathroom with walk-in shower

With its elegant look and practicality, the walk-in shower is a dream come true. It adapts to any space, making it an ideal installation for small bathrooms where it is essential to optimize space. Either closed by a wall or open to the water feature, it slips into a corner, next to a washbasin and even under the eaves. It adapts to all styles to blend naturally into the decor, or even disappear into it.

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