interior with a berber carpet

How to sublimate your interior with a berber carpet?


Looking for a designer rug to decorate your interior? The Berber carpet is an excellent choice to bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to your home. This type of tapestry is suitable for all rooms in the house: the master bedroom, the child’s bedroom or the living room. With unparalleled aesthetics, it is an undeniable asset for your interior decoration. What is the history of the Berber carpet? How to adopt it in your interior decoration? Discover our best tips for enhancing your living room with a Berber rug.

What is a Berber rug?

A Berber carpet is a floor carpet, which is specifically characterized by fibers with tight loops whose weaving is done in parallel lines. This weaving method offers much denser and thicker fibers. Handmade Berber rugs can be made from natural materials  : wool and cotton. Industrial manufacturing, on the other hand, uses nylon -based synthetic materials . From artisanal or industrial production, the Berber carpet comes in different colors to choose from: white, beige, bronze, ivory. There are even much darker shades. Go to them find a vast catalog of Berber rugs to choose from.

The history of Berber carpets

Do you know the history of Berber carpets? It is a term that designates an indigenous ethnic tribe  of Morocco. This people is from the Moroccan High Atlas as well as other countries of North Africa. The Berbers specialize in the production of woven textiles , especially carpets. The artisanal productions of the region are all made by hand. Artisans use a wide variety of bright colors and patterns for their creations. It is the expression of the entire history of a people, highlighting their origins as well as their talents.

What are the different types of Berber carpet?

The carpets made by the Berbers are very famous for their durability over time. Thanks to the quality of the fibers used, a piece can have a lifespan of several years, without tarnishing.

Very easy to maintain , the material of manufacture of the Berber carpet does not retain dirt residues. It does not absorb splashes of liquid, a wipe with a sponge may be enough to eliminate the presence of a small stain on the surface.

Berber carpets are decorative accessories perfectly suited to give charm to your interior decoration. They can be used as living room rugs, hallway rugs or even bedroom rugs. Traditional models are adorned with a wide variety of patterns, according to individual tastes and preferences:

Carpets always offer a warm side to the interior of a house. They bring a pleasant and pleasant cocooning atmosphere to your living space.

A wide choice of models

The mats are available in different shapes and sizes to choose from: round, square, rectangle. Regarding the size of the carpet, base yourself on the space available in your living room to choose the appropriate dimensions.

Tips for enhancing your interior with a Berber rug

Combining its rustic and elegant side , the Berber rug is an essential decorative accessory to decorate your interior like never before. Here are some decorative ideas to absolutely adopt at home:

In the living room

To bring a touch of modernity to your living room, opt for an XXL Berber rug that will be the centerpiece of your decoration. This model can be associated with fairly sober colored furniture. Cream or beige living room furniture can be perfectly associated with a carpet model in the same shades. To harmonize the decor of the room, add decorative paintings with geometric patterns, reminiscent of those of the carpet. For a little freshness, some green plants would not be bad on the corners of the room.

In the bedroom

In the bedroom , a medium-sized rug can be very suitable on the legs of the bed. If you have a very spacious room, it is quite possible to add an armchair with a small table in the corner of the room. To break the too simple color of the carpet, bet this time on a piece of furniture in a vitamin color  : emerald green, red or powder pink . If you lack imagination, do some research on the net to inspire you.

In the corridor

Berber rugs can be used to enhance your entrance hall or hallway . To bring style to the decor, no need to fill the whole room. Just install a small rug at the end of the hallway or just in a corner. With storage furniture and a wall mirror, the result will be sublime. If you opt for a round mirror, you can shift the look by betting on a rectangular rug. Conversely, with a rectangular shaped mirror, opt for a round or oval rug.

How much does a Berber rug cost?

The artisanal Berber carpet can be offered at a price that is between 70 and 200 euros . Some craftsmen offer a higher price for certain models. Industrial models are less expensive. Several parameters can impact the price of a rug on the market: the quality of manufacture, the type of material used for weaving, the method of manufacture, the dimensions, etc. It is clear that handmade carpets will be

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