carpet in the house

A carpet in the house: our advice for choosing it well


Here are our tips and our Rugs Chic selection:

1- A nice entrance mat

The entrance is a place where there is a lot of passage. For the guests as much as for the inhabitants of the house, it must be neat and announce the atmosphere of the house, because it is the first element of decoration that we will see! The choice of carpet must be made taking into account the general style of the habitat, but also and above all taking into account the weak point of the room: access to the outside and heavy traffic. If you want to keep your rug in good condition for as long as possible, it should resist dirt from outside and be easy to clean.

We will therefore favor materials such as seagrass or sisal , coconut or synthetic materials with specific qualities. In rather dark colors like black, brown, red or grey, and avoid light colors (yellow, white, sky blue, pastels…). It will also be necessary to remember to check the thickness of the carpet so that it does not interfere with the opening of the front door.

2- Indispensable, the living room rug

In the living room , let our imagination run wild. Stylish or sober carpets, plain or patterned, round , rectangular or even unstructured: here everything is possible! (or not)

This is where we now spend a lot of time. Does it welcome you only for rest and TV evenings or do you have dinner trays there daily? It is important to think about these questions, because they will define the qualities of your carpet. Indeed, the living room carpet will not avoid the inconveniences of everyday life: pay attention to the choice of its material (seagrass, wool , velvet, shaggy) and its color ( black , red , green , gray , brown ,…)!

In addition, take into account the presence of a living room table and to take full advantage of your carpet, it is advisable to let the carpet overhang the sides of at least fifty centimeters and to release it from the sofa.

The dining room is the convivial part of the house par excellence. It is there that we receive, we receive family and friends and that we spend good times around the table. Do not hesitate to choose a warm carpet, which will bring a touch of color and will come to texture the room.

The rug is a very practical decorative accessory to delimit and redefine spaces, especially if your dining room table is in the same room as the living room. In addition, it provides better soundproofing by reducing the noise of clinking glasses and the rattling of cutlery on the plates, so you can chat more quietly with your guests. Finally, adding a rug to a wooden floor in your dining room can be very useful so as not to damage your floor or even to camouflage a slightly damaged wooden floor.

For the color, we prefer dark shades such as gray, brown, black, red or green or patterns, because it is a piece that will not escape inconvenience (glasses accidentally knocked over, friction, crumbs, stains, etc.). Carpets in light or solid colors will visually enlarge the room, but are more susceptible to soiling. Ease of maintenance must be a very important selection criterion for a dining room rug. Luckily, there are plenty of materials out there that stand up to everyday use, not to mention outdoor rugs that can be used to advantage under a table and chairs.

As for the dimension, it will have to be of sufficient size to visually enlarge the room and take into account the setback of the chairs. Allow about sixty centimeters extra on each side of the table so that the chairs can slide easily and your guests are not inconvenienced. Be careful not to choose a rug that is too big or your table will seem lost in the middle of the room. Round and square shapes, bespoke or not, can be good ideas for creating a truly personalized decor and showcasing your furniture.

Regarding the material , they are not all allowed for the dining room. Avoid materials that are too fragile such as knotted or hand-woven wool. Opt for resistant materials such as tufted wool, synthetic fibres, cotton, sisal or seagrass. You can even take a look at our range of Outdoor rugs . Forget long-pile rugs, which are complicated to maintain, and opt for short-pile rugs or better flat woven ones, which will make it easier to move chairs.

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