Furnishing the new house

Furnishing the new house: the first pieces of furniture to be inserted


Furnishing a new home with your partner or partner, is undoubtedly an exciting time to share. Taking a house means changing your life and therefore also in furnishing it is good to make the same changes. The house must be a reflection of his personality, his character, his tastes, so it is necessary to furnish it with care, following the trends of the moment, but also personal inclinations. The house, therefore also every piece of furniture and decorative complement, must reflect who lives in it.

Furnishing a new home: where to start?

Furnishing the first house together turns out to be one of the most important issues for the couple to face. You have to find ideas, and therefore styles and furniture, that suit the tastes of both to create environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, easy to manage and designed for living together. Once you’ve figured out what should be the predominant and pleasing color for both of you, here’s where to start.

The choice of color is one of the fundamental moments of an interior project. Each shade arouses very personal sensations in everyone. A pleasant color for a lively character may not be so for a more calm and balanced personality. And precisely because colors stimulate very personal emotions, it can be difficult to choose a palette that appeals to both members of a couple who are going to decorate a new home.

Among the many ways to dress a new home, once you have chosen a style and adapted it according to the different requirements, you can think of embellishing the rooms with personal touches. For example by playing with color combinations to decline on small pieces of furniture and accessories: the result will be of great effect.

To tastefully combine colors in furnishings, it is also good to know what they convey and what their meaning is. Once you have found a meeting point with your other half, you can follow this mini guide from Arredare Moderno to succeed in combining colors in the best possible way.

1. Furnishing the new house: choosing the bed

The first essential piece of furniture in a new home is the bed, and speaking of a couple, it is only natural that it should be double. The bed is one of the pieces of furniture to choose with more care, because it is not just a piece of furniture but the “place” where you have to sleep, rest, therefore regenerate. For this reason, it must be beautiful in sight, functional, comfortable, comfortable. Not only that: being a house for two, and therefore a double room, all these characteristics must be sought by two!

The best choice is to bet on something simple and functional, and above all to choose a bed that is comfortable for both. The bed should furnish the double bedroom with a natural refinement, so in addition to evaluating the trends of the moment, it is good to always follow your personal tastes and your needs for space and style.

2. Furnish the new house: the choice of sofa

The second essential piece of furniture in the house is undoubtedly the sofa and the first rule for choosing it is to assess the space available to accommodate it. The sofa is a very used piece of furniture that will have to last over time while maintaining not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the comfort. It is therefore good to always opt for a sofa of excellent quality, made with quality materials, both in the internal structure and in the padding and the external fabrics. The color of the sofa plays a vital role in choosing one. Here too, as it is a new house for two, it is necessary to find a meeting point to choose a product that suits the couple.

3. Furnish the new house: the choice of table and chairs

Other pieces of furniture that cannot be missing in a new home are chairs and a table. For the table, it is advisable to bet on something comfortable, but not too heavy, unless the house does not allow it.

If possible, it is good to always opt for an extendable model table, so that it can be functional if necessary. Seats should be chosen to match the table, at least six. These can be chosen in style with the table or quite in contrast. The contrasting choice is a big trend today.

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